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Auricle in G

Artist: Various

Year: 1983
Country: Netherlands
Label: VEC Audio
Catalog No: VEC Audio Exchange 15
Format: Tape
Spezification: lmtd 150
Tracklist A1 –Rod Summers Intro  
A2 –Tor Elis Palsson Iceland Preview  
A3 –Artfoot & Jeff Stoll Tornadoism  
A4 –L-Pete Horobin Letter To Caro  
A5 –Robert Gillham (2) & Trev Faull Automatic Surveillance System  
A6 –Carlo Pittore Peas  
A7 –Per Holström + Lon And Friends Metallurgical  
A8 –Carsten Schmidt-Olsen Untitles  
A9 –Body Odors & GP Skratz Mateing Song Of The Planets  
A10 –Peter R. Meyer Ectoplasma  
A11 –Magnús V. Guðlaugsson Interlude  
B1 –Bria Burgess Sound Dreams  
B2 –Fomt Just Eight  
B3 –Dermot Mahon Me Myself  
B4 –Niels Lomholt Blid Turism  
B5 –R. Stevie Moore Eating Paper Drinking Ink  
B6 –V. Haman & others Princess Garden Party  
B7 –John M. Bennett Jerking Over His Noise  
B8 –Helgi Fridjonsson & others Brunibb Konsert  
B9 –Fomt Son Of Little Religions  
B10 –C. Lanters & D. Van Kleef Performance Sound  
B11 –V. Haman & Amour De Nous Performance Sound  
B12 –Ruedi Schill Performance Sound  
B13 –Allan Vizents & Andrew Howell Quiz Two  
B14 –Klaus Groh My Guitar  
B15 –Gen Ken Montgomery 3AM Fever