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Beat World Cabvolt

Artist: Cabaret Voltaire

Year: 1978
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Cabvolt Publications Ltd.
Format: Tape
A1     Talk Over     4:10
A2     Here She Comes Now     3:34
A3     Capsules     4:06
A4     Control Addicts     3:05
A5     Baader Meinhof     3:30
A6     Loves in Vein     4:30
A7     Do The Mussolini (Headkick!)     3:29
A8     Oh Roger     4:44
A9     Heaven + Hell     5:20
A10     Havoc     2:58
A11     No Escape     3:55
B1     Photophobia     5:45
B2     The Set Up     5:35
B3     A Minute Is A Lifetime     5:35
This is one of Cabaret Voltaire's first self-released demo releases, given to a close friend prior to the group's signing to Rough Trade.
Most versions on this release are a bit different to what can be found on existing Mute/Rough Trade vinyl or CD releases.

At the time they released or sent demos out to press or labels under Cabvolt Publications Ltd.
According to Stephen Mallinder, the Cabvolt Publishing Ltd. was not an official or registered company but was just on the cover as some informal protection against misuse.