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Make Way For The Rumbler

Artist: Smersh

Year: 1984
Country: United States
Label: Atlas King
Catalog No: Atlas King, SC010
Format: Tape
Side A
1. Do Me No Favors
2. Entre Nous
3. Greasing Wheezer
4. Tokyo International
5. A Blurred View
6. M Appeal
7. The Rumbler
8. Holiday Task Dub
9. Wally Jumblatt's Sister
10. Patty Duke Dub

Side B
Make Way For The Rumbler

Chris Shepard
Mike Mangino

1-9 written by SMERSH
Copyright 1984
10 written by Sid Ramin
MAKE WAY FOR THE RUMBLER is a new 1984 release by this aggressive American electronic outfit. Smersh take their name from the fictitious Russian organization from Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 novels. The music of these 10 upbeat electro-abrasive improvisations are rich with well-mixed influences. It is an unfortunate tendency to rely on influences for description’s sake but Smersh uses them in such a way that for us they end up sounding a lot better sometimes. Take Kraftwerk’s technopop sound minus the cartoons, mix in a little OLD Cabaret Voltaire histrionics plus some Chrome-ish psycho-violence and you have a sound that’s grating, brutal, nightmarish, and VERY DANCEABLE. A very NOW sound with a definite European flavor. Get it!

- January 1985 Cause And Effect Cassette Distribution Service Catalogue

Copyright 1966 United Artists Music Co. Inc.