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24 Hours

Artist: Throbbing Gristle

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Industrial Records, 24 Hours
Format: Tape-26
Spezification: complete w. all Inserts (Minimum Bid 2000)
IRC 1 Best Of.... Volume II  
IRC 2 At The ICA, London  
IRC 3 At The Air Gallery, Winchester  
IRC 4 At The Nags Head, High Wycombe  
IRC 5 At The Brighton, Polytechnic  
IRC 6 At The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton  
IRC 7 At The Rat Club, London  
IRC 8 At The Highbury Roundhouse, London  
IRC 9 At The Art School, Winchester  
IRC 10 At The Rat Club The Valentino Rooms  
IRC 11 At The Brighton Polytechnic  
IRC 12 At The Architectural Association, London  
IRC 13 At Goldsmiths College, London  
IRC 14 At The Industrial Training College, Wakefield  
IRC 15 At The London Film Makers Co-Op  
IRC 16 At The Crypt, London  
IRC 17 At Centro Iberico, London  
IRC 18 At The Ajanta Cinema, Derby  
IRC 19 At The Now Society, Sheffield University  
IRC 20 At The Factory, Manchester  
IRC 21 At The Guild Hall, Northampton  
IRC 22 At The YMCA, London  
IRC 23 Pastimes / Industrial Muzac  
IRC 24 At Butlers Wharf, London 23rd December 1979  
IRC A Untitled  
IRC B Untitled  
this cassette-only release in suitcase was produced in 1980 by Industrial Records. The original "standard" edition was set for 26 cassettes (The information card sheet reads: "23 live performances cassettes and 3 cassettes of recordings made at the studios of Industrial Records Limited") but could be completed with later live cassettes by Industrial Records staff or by the owner himself.

Sets often varied in contents between each other as they were supposed to contain the "most recent twenty four tapes" (quoted from the Industrial Records mail-order catalog). Thus early buyers (low numbered copies) would get tapes IRC 1 to IRC 24 plus IRC A and IRC B, while later buyers would get later tapes. The 1980/81 Industrial Records catalog stated that buyers would get IRC 5 to IRC 26 + IRC 29/30/33 (note that IRC 31 was by Clock DVA and IRC 32 was by Chris Carter hence not included in this set).

IRC A and IRC B (both interview content) were only available for this set, as well as eventually an extra hand-made artwork copy of IRC 24 "Butlers Warf".

Each set is personalized to the buyer and dated. Each copy is unique with hand-made collages on each of the primary signed information card. Each set also came with three color-copied sheets. One featured an informal shot of the band while another was a collage by Genesis P-Orridge of the proposed "Industrial Records HQ". Copies also contained one full-sized b&w original photo which can be different from a set to another.

Copy #2 is dated 25th January 1980. Copy #50 (personalized to Mike Wilkins, dated 29th August 1980) was an exception as this contained 24 live TG performances plus IRC 1 plus 3 additional cassettes of non-TG recordings. This was because Mike Wilkins worked at Industrial Records and made this for himself.

Initially offered for £77 for the UK, £80 for Europe and £82 for the rest of the world. By the time of the 1980/81 mail order catalog, each set retailed for £88 (for UK and Europe) or £99 for the rest of the world (postage paid).

Tracklist are often partially provided and without mention of sides:

IRC 1: inc. Very Friendly, Scars Of E, Slugbait, We Hate You, Dead Ed.
IRC 2: inc. Very Friendly, We Hate You, Slug Bait, Dead Ed, Zyklon B Zombie.
IRC 3: inc. Dead Ed, Very Friendly.
IRC 4: inc. We Hate You, Slug Bait, Zyklon B Zombie.
IRC 5: inc. Zyklon B Zombie, Last Exit, Maggot Life, Mary Jane, Record Contract, One Note One Life One Purpose.
IRC 6: inc. Industrial Introduction, National Affront.
IRC 7: inc. Tesco Disco, Fuck Off Cunt, £1.30 Wolverhampton, Goldilocks And The Three Fingers.
IRC 8: inc. Hit By A Rock, Blood On The Floor, You Here Me Here (“Binaural Version” on one side and “Line” version on other).
IRC 9: mainly instrumental.
IRC 10: inc. White Christmas, Tesco Disco, Knife In My Side, Urge To Kill, Assume Power Focus, Wall Of Sound.
IRC 11: inc. E-Coli, Anthony, Why Does Carol Eat Brown Bread?, He’s My Friend, Wall Of Sound.
IRC 12: inc. Dead Ed, Wall Of Sound but mainly Instrumental.
IRC 13: inc. IBM, It’s Always The Way, Hamburger Lady (1st ever version), Dead On Arrival (1st version), Wall Of Sound.
IRC 14: inc. IBM, Family Death, Cabaret Voltaire, Industrial Muzak, Hamburger Lady, Slug Bait, Mother Spunk, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Whorle Of Sound.
IRC 15: inc. IBM, new After Cease To Exist soundtrack, Hamburger Lady, Mother Spunk, Five Knuckle Shuffle.
IRC 16: inc. Whistling Song, Tesco Disco, E-Coli, High Note.
IRC 17: inc. Persuasion, Day Song, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Wall Of Sound.
IRC 18: inc. Weapon Training, Eee Ahh Ooooh, Convincing People, Hamburger Lady, Day Song, Persuasion.
IRC 19: inc. Weapon Training, Convincing People, Hamburger Lady, Chat Up, Day Song, Persuasion, Five Knuckle Shuffle.
IRC 20: inc. Weapon Training, See You Are, Convincing People, Hamburger Lady, His Arm Was Her Leg, What A Day, Persuasion, Five Knuckle Shuffle.
IRC 21: inc. Wall Of Sound, No Bones, Ice Cool Down, They Make No Say, Hamburger Lady, Day Song, Saw Mill.
IRC 22: inc. Mask Of Sarnath, Beachy Head, Convincing People, Tape Worms, Hamburger Lady, Still Walking, Persuasion, What A Day, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Wall Of Sound.
IRC 23: inc. previously unreleased studio recordings: Pastimes 1/2/3, Industrial Muzac.
IRC 24: inc. Gloria Leonard, Six Six Sixties, An Old Man Smiles, Anal Sex, Chariot And Galley.
IRC A: extra A+.
IRC B: extra B+.