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Berlin Cassette 2-84

Artist: Various

Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Label: Jarmusic
Catalog No: Jarmusic, none
Format: Tape
A1 Nachtfahrt Waves
A2 Nachtfahrt Zeitbombe
A3 Kiwi (23) I Saw My Girl Undressed
A4 Hal (19) Holiday From Time
A5 Hal (19) My Mind
A6 Projekt 3 Amokläufer
A7 Projekt 3 Wintertag
A8 Flux Restless
A9 Flux Squaw Talk
B1 Jar* Lovers
B2 Jar* Your Choice
B3 Stefan Schrader Commercial Adaptation
B4 Stefan Schrader Session (Ohne Titel)
B5 VL-1 Ab Geht's
B6 VL-1 Spotz
B7 Steve Ainsworth If I Could
B8 Steve Ainsworth I Who Owe Nothing
B9 Ich + Du Rainy Day


  • Compilation Producer  Jar*


Released with a single-sided, photocopied on colour paper j-card. Comes with multifolded, double-sided, photocopied on colour paper insert with track-info / sources / contact info for all contributers.
Cassettes used were either colour or black cassettes with chrome tape and a sticker on side A. The designs of the stickers vary, but they all belong to the same edition.

All tracks taken from cassette releases by the artists and substantially shortened (fade-in / fade-out) with short blurps between artists like some notes on a glockenspiel, a synthesizer chord.

A1 and A2 taken from Nachtfahrt - Augen Blicke.
A3 taken from Kiwi (23) - I Saw My Girl Undressed .
A4 and A5 taken from the cassette "Find Me".
A6 and A7 taken from Projekt 3 - Licht Und Schatten.
A8 and A9 taken from Flux (19) - Flux (called "An Der Grenze" on the insert).
B1 and B2 taken from the cassette "Your Choice".
B3 and B4 taken from Stefan Schrader - Synbild.
B5 and B6 taken from VL-1 - Ab Geht's .
B7 and B8 taken from Steve Ainsworth - Sandwich Houses.
B9 taken from Ich + Du - Versuche.