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Berlincassette 02/87

Artist: Various

Year: 1987
Label: Jarmusic
Catalog No:
Format: Tape
  A Seite
01.If You See Her (Modern Art)
02.20th Century (Lila XVI)
03.Dancing The Night Away (Clockwork Orange)
04.Backstreet Driver (Webcore)
05.Fuck My Horse (Bollermann)
06.Cottage Industry (Yeah Yeah Noh)
07.In The Chill (The Love Parade)
08.Born In The Spring Of 1984 (Progress In April)
09.Pam Pam (X-Ray Pop)
10.ABC Swot (Harald Sack Ziegler)
B Seite
11.No Escape From The Rape (Random Confusion)
12.Animals (Herald Of Free Enterprise)
13.Private Hell (The Peking Dance)
14.Devil From The West (Taste Of Cindy)
15.Factory (Rattus Rexx)
16.Smooth Areas Moving Freely (Genetic Drugs)
17.Mystery (JAR)
18.Daysinhall (Kronstadt Ebner Mayer)
19.A Bobbin And A Bubbin (Milan Srdenovic)
20.Glanz Des Morgens (Deux Balaines Blanches)