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Berlincassette 3/4 - 86

Artist: Various

Year: 1986
Country: Germany
Label: Jarmusic
Catalog No: Jarmusic
Format: Tape


A1 Mystery Plane Red Slime Creepers  
A2 Bollerman Massle Muscle  
A3 Duke Of Disrespect You Tell Lies  
A4 Lila 16 Velvet Fleur  
A5 Rough Angel Don't Stop  
B1 Naasti Just Rain  
B2 Becker-Lehnhof* Chicken Jazz  
B3 Shining Saints Losing Game  
B4 Genetic Drugs Tomorrow  
C1 Necrophilia (2) Memories In The Ashtray  
C2 Front Line Assembly That Night  
C3 Random Confusion Witness Bor  
D1 The Shiny Gnomes* Time Is Right  
D2 Geduld Psychomodo  
D3 The Pissed Boys Revolution Selled Out  


Booklet & Insert Included, Plastic Package.