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Body Sounds

Artist: Various

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: Harsh Reality Music, HR 070
Format: Tape
 A1 –Prescott* / Bohman* Whispering Wendy
A2 –John Hudak Mouth
A3 –Indian Rope Burn Flat Tire
A4 –Minoy Open Wide
A5 –Mental Anguish Cough
A6 –Cephalic Index A Jab In The Ass'll Make You Come
B1 –The Haters Spanking
B2 –Semantics Could Vanish Voweledge Accessory
B3 –If, Bwana Body By Bwana
B4 –Die Rache No Body
B5 –Odal Nobody
B6 –Blackhumour Dit Dit Dah Isophate
B7 –M.A.P. (2) Love Mr Bundy
B8 –Unknown Artist Spit Surprise