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Gender: Male
Country: Canada
A legendary noise project by Gerald ”X” JUPITTER-LARSEN (b. 1959). An American born and raised in Canada, musically with a punk rock back- ground, he is a sound artist, writer, filmmaker, a painter and he also deals in mail art and multi-media performences. He is often assisted on stage by other members, usually local experimental musicians and artists in whatever town in which his performance happens to take place. A debu- tant of 1979, he initially staged modest, conceptual para-theatrical perfor- mances with elements of expressive destruction and ugliness. During the 1990s he was the sound designer for the performances of Mark PAULINE. With time he made his appearances progressively varied with pre-prepared sound material featuring extremely distorted sonic textures. His manife- stoes and statements emphasise his dissociation from any forms of musi- cal expression, including industrial music. His antimusical structures are produced exclusively with self-made noise-making mechanical devices and sounds obtained through rubbing various metal and rough surfaces against each other or their deliberate destruction. Discography: A Song For Nihilism Now (Jupitter Larsen 1980) 7” EP Pretty Pain (Jupitter Larsen 1981) 7” EP Complete This Record By Scratching It, Before You Listen To It On Your Stereo (July 1983) 7” EP as GX collaboration with AMK Two Television Oriented Guys (Banned Production 1985) tape as GX collaboration with AMK T Two Ordinary Guys (Banned Production 1985) tape Future Cheers (Sound Of Pig 1986) tape In The Shade Of Fire (Silent 1986) LP De Haters (Bloedvlag Produkt 1986) tape as GX JUPITTER LARSEN New Sounds Gallery (Bloedvlag Produkt 1986) tape When In Rome, Do As The Egyptians Do (Banned Production 1986) 2 x tape Niet Hier (Korm Plastics 1987) tape Nihil Ad Rem (SSS Productions 1987) tape Rot (Harsh Reality Music 1987) tape split with LA SONORITE? JAUNE The Interstellar Destroyed Music Mail Project (S.J.Organisation 1987) tape The Whipping (We Never Sleep 1987) tape collaboration with MERZBOW (Banned Production 1987) CD Urban Sensitivity (Commercial Failure 1987) CD collaboration with DVA MET DVA NICHTS Death Pact 3 (Death Pact Mailmusic 1988) tape split with BIG CITY ORCHESTRA Progressive Composition (ZNS Tapes ???) tape Fuchait (Vis A Vis Audio  Arts 1988) 7” EP Hater TV (RRRecords 1988) VHS Paraifax (Tonspur Tapes 1988) tape Sweet Austirity (Nihilistic Recordings 1988) tape Tractor (Alamut Records / Big Body Parts 1988) LP Wind Licked Dirt (RRRecords 1988) LP split with CON DOM Enraptured Violence (Control Domination 1989) tape Predetermined By Accident: A Ten Year Retrospective 1979-1989 (Banned Production 1989) 5 x tape Connotations Of Wreckage (We Never Sleep 1990) VHS