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Artist: Various

Year: 1979
Country: Netherlands
Label: VEC Audio
Catalog No: VEC Audio Exchange 03
Format: Tape
A - Programm 3: Clear -
B - Programm 3: Clear -
Compiled By Rod Summers Featuring Abdada Le Clair, Adam Scott , Bria Burgess, Dave Fobes, Dennis Zanoni Und Herman Herdick, Fahnmuhle Family, Geoffrey Cook, Jenne Van Eeghen, Jesse Glass Jnr., Jockel Heenes, Johan Cornelissen, John M. Bennett, Larry Wendt, Leonhard F. Duch, Los Microwaves, Marek Krolkzuc, Nicola Frangione, Paul Carter , Paulo Bruscky, Pawel Petasz, Robin Crozier, Rod Summers, Ron Crowcroft, Ruedi Schill, Steve Hitchcock , Tommy Mew, Tony Bradley , Vittore Baroni