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Curtains, le prochain step

Press/Orga: Curtains

Year: 1976
Country: United Kingdom
Format: Mag/Lit

Curtains, le prochain step (1976) 210pp


Vladimir Velickovic: cover image

Edmond Jabès: from Return to the Book

Rosmarie Waldrop: (essay) Mirrors and Paradoxes

Rosmarie Waldrop: (poem) The Quack and I  or  The Senses Grossly

Allewn Fisher: (poems) Enclosed Delight

Allen Fisher: (poems) Cleopatra’s Sonority

Paul Neagu: (text & images) Gradually Going Tornado

Paul Neagu: (text) On Generative Arts

Eric Mottram: No Centre to Hold: A Commentary on Derrida

Clayton Eshleman: (poem) The Dragon Rat Tail

Robert Kelly: (poem) The Hand

Geraldine Monk & Robert Clark: (poems & etchings) Nude in a Landscape

Robert Clark: (etching) Head of Artaud

Robert Clark: (essay) Soutine’s Theatre of Cruelty

Roger Ely: (prose) Black clouds…

Jacques Prevel: from poèmes mortels / poèmes pour toute mémoire

Glenda George: (poem) hint

Glenda George: (poem & drawings) “sleeveless errand”

Paul Buck: (text) xxxx 6

Ulli McCarthy: (poem) Was wünschen Sic

Jean Pierre Faye: (a dialogue) How poetry is changing

Agnès Rouzier: (prose) from Non, rien

Paul Buck: (poem) sighs

Gina Pane: Text: 24.6.74

Gina Pane: (art works)

Gina Pane: (text) Wound/Death

Robert Kelly: (poem) Texts: 18 (the Bastille)

Robert Kelly: (poem) Hommaille à Batage

Georges Bataille: from The Blue of the Sky

Eric Mottram: (poem) Elegy 10: Lorca

Philip Corner: (text/score) “Do What Pleases You In The Woods”

Philip Corner: John Cage’s Music for Piano

Susan Hiller: (text) Enquiries/Inquiries

Susan Hiller: (art work) “Further Inquiries”

Robert Kelly: (poem) Scenes from a late lake work

Kris Hemensley: (prose) from The ABC of the Untramelled Fair & Green

Mike Dobbie: (poem) Lines

Brian Marley: (poem) From the English

Keith Waldrop: (poem) The Unreliable Narrator

Lydia Davis: (prose) Two Sisters /The Patient / The Dog Man

Michel Deguy: (poem) Histories of Relapses

Joë Bousquet: from Letters to Bellmer

Pierre Joris: (poems) Two Love Letters

Clayton Eshleman: (poem) Study for a Portrait of Hans Bellmer

Pierre Dhainaut: (poem) from The pale incest

Pierre Dhainaut: (essay)The runner and the rodent

Patrice Delbourg: Interview with Velickovic

Vladimir Velickovic: paintings & drawing

Paul Buck: (essay) Drawing us towards death

Eugène Savitzkatya: (prose) Il court. Un rat l’accompagne / from l’Empire

Pierre Dhainaut: (prose) With a hand, a tongue, untiring, enchanted…

Ulli McCarthy: (poem) Doorway

Coum Transmissions (Genesis P Orridge & Cosey Funni Tutti: Cease to Exist No.5