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Anvil And Stirrup

Artist: Noring/McGee

Year: 1999
Country: United States
Catalog No: F.D.R. #91
Format: Tape
Spezification: C82
performed and recorded by Brian Noring and Hal McGee
October 1998 at F.D.R. Studios
Des Moines, Iowa
A1 Tunnels Under The Public Road  
A2 Shock Of The Transplants  
A3 Stiff Brush  
B1 Postponing Their Departure  
B2 Curtains Of Fire  
B3 Without Regulations  
B4 Running Dialogue  
B5 How So-And-So  
B6 Regardless Of Words  
B7 Pocket Knife And Pencil  
B8 Piano Parfait  
Performed and recorded by Brian Noring and Hal McGee. October 1998 at FDR Studios Des Moines, Iowa.
Turkey Makes Me Sleepy appears on A1
Kathy Noring appears on B8
Brian Noring wrote:
"As I recall Hal McGee and I set out in October 1998 to record pieces for what would be our first cd release, however with the affordability of stand alone cd recorders we ended up releasing the whole shebang as two different releases on cdr. Both releases were recorded at my house and then mixed by Hal in Gainesville, Florida. While much of Anvil & Stirrup continues our keyboard based work, it also includes what I believe was our first tape collage piece "Tunnels Under the Public Road". Released on cassette on F.D.R. in January 1999."