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Digit 3: Dig It

Artist: Rob Smit & Harbert van der Kaap

Year: 1982
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Kubus Kassettes, KK 011
Format: Tape
Spezification: C20
A1 –Harbert van der Kaap, Rob Smit Le Cri  
A2 –Rob Smit Every End Is A Beginning  
A3 –Rob Smit Een Oude Man Die Langs Een Kleuterschool Loopt En Het Is Speelkwartier  
B1 –Harbert van der Kaap, Rob Smit Het Gulden Vlies  
  • Mastered By – Rob Smit
  • Recorded By – Cees Zwaal, Coen Bais
Recorded in 1979 by Cees Zwaal en Ron Baais at Geronimo Sound Studio, Leiden. Treatments and mastering by Rob Smit May 1982 at KubuStudio, Leiden.
The picture on the cover was taken from the book Frederick V. Field: Prehispanic Mexican Stamp Designs. Dover Publications, New York 1974, with permission of the owner.