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Eric Lunde

Gender: Male
Country: United States
An American audiovisual artist, writer and composer dealing in art noise and experimental techno and post-industrial genres, also known under a few monikers, e.g. TRAIT, ACCELERATOR, HARM, and RAKE, and for forming ad-hoc projects with his artist friends: ANIMIST MOTORS with Jeph JERMAN, and HOLEIST with Jeph JERMAN and Dan BURKE. Artistically active since 1981, when he formed BOY DIRT CAR, a legendary industrial group where he stayedd until 1989, he embarked on a solo career in 1986, and quit it three years later to devote his time to studying modern  art, writing poetry and books on noise aesthetics in music and relations between music and countercultural phenomena. Also, from 1987 to 1988 he ran his own record label N4300 W8752. He resumed his solo operations in 2002, bringing new compositions, but also numerous multimedia perfor- mances, and graphic and art exhibitions in galleries. Inspired by the work of William S. BURROUGHS and Alvin LUCIER, he makes use of tape recor- ders, low quality contact microphones, and samples from sounds produced by military acoustic weapons. He painstakingly manipulates and processes the original structure of sound by means of various techniques: looping, backward playback, overdubbing, noise clip removal and transfer. The final result is highly antimusical structures, full of dissonances and chaotic and non-uniform elements of sonic expression. Selected discography: Expositions Of The Virus (N4300 W8752 1987) tape Operative (Artweather Communications 1987) tape as HARM V/VI: Form’s Forced Surrender Soundtrack Of „Planned Obsolescence” (N4300 W8752 1987) tape Live Censor / Censure Live (N4300 W8752 1988) tape N3845 W10452.5/7.5 (RRRecords/N4300 W8752 1988) 2 x 7” EP as ACCELERATOR Bruise Grind Kill (N4300 W8752 1988) tape as TRAIT Inspirationals (Industrial Recollections 1988) CD XCHdX: On The Terrain Of Prophecy (Alamut Records/Big Body Parts 1989) LP split with HANDS TO Tape Death Cut (Complacency 1989) LP Is (Sounds For Consciousness Rape 1990) tape