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Es Database Chronology

Artist: Sigillum S

Year: 1991
Country: Italy
Catalog No: Minus Habens Records
Format: Tape
A1 Resh 4:41
A2 Instant Of The Obsession 11:45
A3 De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis 7:31
A4 I'm Coming 4:48
A5 In The Vault (H.P.L.) 5:15
A6 Howlings 4:51
A7 Hole Sleep 6:15
B1 Fluorescent Cuts On Subconscious Muscles 10:58
B2 Estasi 2:56
B3 Be A Wolf 4:51
B4 Technoritual Purge 5:06
B5 Springtime For A Cross 6:36
B6 Opening Flesh In Pain 3:02
B7 Amniotick Shortcircuit 5:20
B8 Attraverso Il Dolore / Resurrection  4:58

A1: From Sigillum S (Private, 1986) 
A2: From Sigillum S (Private, 1986) 
A3: Previously Unreleased (1986) 
A4: Live Recording 17.1.1987 (Helter Skelter) 
A5: From Hhhard (Private, 1986) 
A6: From Hhhard (Private, 1986) 
A7: Live Recording 1.4.1988 (Immaginazione) 
B1: Previously Unreleased (1987) 
B2: From Trance Flexure (Broken Flag, 1987) 
B3: From Trance Flexure (Broken Flag, 1987) 
B4: Live Recording 22.2.1988 (Ear Nerve) 
B5: From Klimax Axis (Misty Circles, 1988) 
B6: From Klimax Axis (Misty Circles, 1988) 
B7: Live Recording 14.11.1987 (Immaginazione) 
B8: Previously Unreleased (1988)