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I.E.M.A. Collective Tape #4 Album,

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: United States
Catalog No: International Electronic Music Association Group Tape Project (Anvil Creations): Ken Moore, Gil Trythall, Don Slepian, Mychael Danna & Tim Clement, Jack Schrange, Leon Lowman, John Wiggens, Chris
Format: Tape
A1 : Gil Trythall - Xanthus - 4:37
A2 : Don Slepian - Sunrise - 3:07
A3 : Mychael Danna & Tim Clement - Lydian Lights - 6:27
A4 : Jack Schrage - Tension/Release - 11:07
A5 : Leon Lowman - I'll Always Remember - 4:37
B1 : John Wiggins, Chris Meyer , David Vosh, Ken Moore - Spokes - 3:30
B2 : NO-Y-Z - Music One - 2:58
B3 : NO-Y-Z - Little Did He Know - 2:17
B4 : NO-Y-Z - The Girl That Walked Around The Block - 2:22
B5 : Mike Roden - Dance Macabre - 4:00
B6 : Mike Roden - High Voltage - 2:54
B7 : Mike Roden - El Pirata Yel Perico - 6:12
B8 : Chris Gross - Spoolaga! - 2:00
B9 : Chris Gross - (And Obscene Symbols) - 1:47
B10 : Allswell Freeman - Sequence #1 - 3:30
Ken was getting so much response from the sales of the Group Tapes, and the response from artists all over that it was generating more interest in Anvil Creations as well. With all the turmoil and moving going on in my Kens personal life, he was "full time" trying to keep up with the ever-growing mailing list from his contacts. This fourth would be the last one for which I hand-draw each cassette cover. Ken had to move to Xerox copies by Tape #5, and the graphics were more detailed also. Group Tape #4 SIDE ONE Gil Trythall 1. Xanthus Don Slepian 1. Sunrise Mychael Danna & Tim Clement 1. Lydian Lights Jack Schrage 1. Tension/Release Leon Lowman 1. I'll Always Remember John Wiggins w/Chris Meyer, David Vosh, Ken Moore 1. Spokes SIDE TWO No-Y-Z 1. Music One 2. Little Did He Know 3. The Girl That Walked Around the Block Mike Roden 1. Dance Macabre 2. High Voltage 3. El Pirata Y el Perico Chris Gross 1. Spoolaga 2. (And Obscene Symbols) Allswell Freeman 1. Sequence #1 Mike Roden was writing to me quite frequently too, and he was very involved with his own art, which was drawing. Chris Gross was another good contact, and Mychael Danna and Tim Clement were well known in Canada, and got signed to Hearts of Space (as did Jonn Serrie before Miramar). Gil Trythall was another like Don Slepian, who, began pressing their own records after coming into success with cassette sales. So side one was the more "professional" group (with the exception of John Wiggins and company), and side two here were the semi-professionals and less known artists.