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Jörg Thomasius

Gender: Male
Country: United States
Description: Experimental musician and composer from (East) Berlin, founding member of the avant-garde band Das Freie Orchester, from which he got out in 1990. Active from mid 80s, Jörg Thomasius recorded, produced and released numerous tapes either as a solo project or collabarations with fellow musicians, like Dieter Zobel, or with DFO, mostly on DFO's own label Kröten Kassetten. Thomasius' had a studio in East Berlin named 'Tomato', where most of the stuff were recorded and produced. During those years Thomasius started collaborating with musicians from the 'West', like Conrad Schnitzler, David Prescott, Gen Ken Montgomery, Michael Chocholak etc, resulting his music coming to a wider audience than that of East Germany. After 1990, Thomasius worked intensively with Conrad Schnitzler, as with many other musicians like Lars Stroschen, Doc Wör Mirran, André Ruschkowski to name a few.