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Artist: Current 93 & Nurse With Wound

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Mi-Mort
Catalog No: Mi, mort 3
Format: Tape
A –Current 93 Maldoror Est Mort 17:31
B1 –Nurse With Wound Ooh Baby (Coo Coo) 6:12
B2 –Nurse With Wound Fashioned To A Device Behind A Tree 7:22
B3 –Nurse With Wound I Was No Longer His Dominant 8:39
B4 –Nurse With Wound A Snake In Your Abdomen 6:20
Split tape between Current 93 (first release by David Tibet as Current 93) and Nurse With Wound. It was reissued a number of times:

- First release (this one) out in 1983 with black cover. Catalog number and durations are not provided.
- Second release out in 1984 with red cover and new label address.
- Third release out in 1985 with a new artwork by Staalplaat (Germany) without catalog number and untitled. Withdrawn after release.
- Fourth release out in 1986 by Catfood Press (Italy) entitled "Maldoror Est Mort".
- Fifth release out in 1987 by United Dairies (UK) with new artwork and catalog number UDT 14.
- The sixth release was a reissue of the United Diaries version made by RRRecords (USA) with the same catalog number. It comes with the RRR address instead of the United Dairies one.