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Nature Unveiled

Artist: Current 93

Year: 1986
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Mi-Mort
Catalog No: Mi, mort 5
Format: Tape
A1 Ach Golgotha (Maldoror Is Dead)  
A2 Christ's First Howling  
A3 Fields Of Rape  
B1 The Mystical Body Of Christ In Chorazaim (The Great In The Small)  
B2 I'm The One  
Cassette version of this release are the two extra tracks on side A, which were only available here and on the NER compilation album, "From Torture To Conscience".
Also included was "I'm The One" on side B, a compilation track from the "Ohrenschrauben" LP.

David Tibet - voice
Steven Stapleton
Annie Anxiety - voice
The Youth
John Fothergill
Roger Smith
John Murphy
Nick Rogers
Fritz Häaman