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Mixed Messages

Artist: Donald Campau

Year: 1991
Country: United States
Catalog No: Lonely Whistle
Format: Tape
A1 It Didn't Matter  
A2 No One Knows  
A3 The Verdict Is In  
A4 Tape A Message  
A5 My Intuition  
A6 I've Got A Policy  
A7 Seven Good Examples  
A8 Spin On The Wheel  
B1 Don't Play With Matches  
B2 I Came From Outer Space  
B3 New Set Of Rules  
B4 I Won't Fear Love  
B5 Franny Spencer  
B6 Everything I Do Is Wrong  
B7 Promise To Be There  
B8 All I've Got Is Music  
  • Producer – Donald Campau* (tracks: A1, A3 to A6, A8, B1, B3 to B6), Eric Muhs (tracks: A7, B7 to B8), John Hinds (tracks: A2), Lord Litter (tracks: B2)
Thanks to Lord Litter, Eric Muhs, Peter and John Hinds, Greg Gray, Dino DiMuro, Peggy Martinez, Kevyn Dymond, Danny Evans, Charles, Laurel and thanks for all the phone messages too! Keep calling.
This tape is dedicated to Donna.