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Variety Show

Artist: Donald Campau

Year: 1985
Country: United States
Catalog No: Lonely Whistle
Format: Tape
A1 Happy To Have It Fixed  
A2 Same Time Next Channel  
A3 Ethnic Orchestra #1  
A4 Lawrence Welk Meets Hocus Pocus  
A5 Thing Goes Boom  
A6 Welcome To The Needle  
A7 Variety Show Jamming  
A8 Ethnic Orchestra #2  
A9 Dubbin' With Old DJ  
A10 That Dream Complete  
B1 First You Want Money  
B2 Do Me A Harvey  
B3 Easter Day 1984  
B4 Laotian String Garde  
B5 Possible Plan #7  
B6 Ch'in Up  
B7 Great Problem Solver  
B8 Man With A Dronehead  
B9 Having A Rave Up