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Never Show Your Genitals To An Animal / Pets Have Fears Too

Artist: Debt Of Nature

Year: 1983
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Party Sound Tapes, P.S.-26
Format: Tape
  Studio & Live
A-1 Psychic Vistas  
A-2 Body Language Of A Whore  
A-3 Meat On A Leash  
A-4 Robert Blake Syndrome  
  Brad's Bedroom
B-1 CH.40  
B-2 Now Yer Dead  
B-3 Gospel Light  
B-4 Change  
B-5 See Emily Play  
B-6 Beat  
B-7 Too Much  
B-8 Seconds  
B-9 Naive Art  
  • Artwork By – Josh Laner
  • Muisc By – Jennifer F.
  • Music By – Allan/Greg, Bill Bored, Brad Laner, Chris Risley, Dinah Cancer, Don Bolles, Josh Laner, Maggie Tuch, Mike Sheppard (2), Paul B. Cutler, Pete The Beat, Simon Glickman