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Notterossa / Rednight

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: Italy
Label: TRAX
Catalog No: Trax TRAX 0682, Near The Edge Editions none, Trux TRAX 0682
Format: Tape
Spezification: special Canvasette edition
A NotterossaFeaturing – Alex Torridzone Igloo, André Stitt, Biagio D'Egidio, Christophe Bourseiller, Cortex (2), Culturcide, Daniele Ciullini 08*, David Parker (3), Dislokate Klammer, Eddy Fontaine, Giampaolo Sartore, John M. Bennett, Mecanique Vegetale, Opal L. Nations*, P. Mayer (2), Pseudo Code, Robin Crozier, Rock Wilson, Rod Summers, Scott Ayers  
B RednightFeaturing – Alain Neffe, Amok (06)*, Anne Dexter, Arturo Fallico, Bongoloids, Daniele Ciullini 08*, D. Parker*, David Ryder, De Rezke / Centro Uh! 09*, Eddy Fontaine, Gregor Knauer, Mecanique Vegetale, Nicola Frangione, Pete Horobin, Pier Van Dijk, Piermario Ciani 01*, Pierre Fablet, Robin Crozier, Ron Croweroft*, S. Ayers*, Serse Luigetti, Trio Improvvisazione, Vittore Baroni 02*  
  • Artwork [Booklet Cover] – Nocturnal Emissions 07*
  • Compiled By, Mixed By – Daniele Ciullini 08*, Vittore Baroni 02*
  • Liner Notes – Vittore Baroni
Musicians are listed on cassette notes in the order of apparition (sometimes repeated) of untitled excerpts from the tapes they submitted.

David Parker & Scott Ayers, Alex Torridzone Igloo & Dislokate Klammer, and David Ryder/Anne Dexter are listed as joined contributions.

Comes with 50 pp. 17x24 cm booklet with graphic works dedicated to Burroughs by, among others, Nocturnal Emissions, Richard H. Kirk, Enrico Piva, Bill Gaglione, Lon Spiegelman, Arturo Fallico, Daniel Daligand, Morgan-Fisher, Emilio Morandi, Guy Bleus, and several of the participating musicians.

Cassette mixed on June 20th, 1982 at the first annual TRAX convention in Bertiolo by TRAX units 02/08.
500 copies reproduced from reel-to-reel master with fast copying machine.
Faults in the sound quality depend on the very bad recording and cassette quality of some original works submitted by participants.

TRAX0682 was originated by an invite sent out in Dec. 81 to approx.100 artist/musicians. All original artworks received have been collected in a series of labelled plastic bags that together with the original cassettes submitted from the TRAX modular exhibition Notterosa/Rednight (approx. 200 pieces size cm. 22 x 31 + 30 cassettes). The box with the original materials is available to all participants and any other person interested in showing it. All mailing costs will be on charge of the applicant. Vittore Baroni, Via Raffaelli 2 - 55042 Forte dei Marmi - Italy or Daniele Ciullini, Via della Bellariva 29 - 50136 Firenze - Italy.