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Psicofonie Tracksound 7

Artist: Vittore Baroni

Year: 1986
Country: Italy
Label: TRAX
Catalog No: TRAX 0185
Format: Tape
Spezification: Ltd, C46
A1 Pro Logos 3:00
A2 Idioletto Bon Bon 3:00
A3 Cipher 3:00
A4 Stimmatestimmung 3:00
A5 Mnemosine In Aradia 3:00
A6 (Living With) Prosthesis 3:00
A7 S.P.L.A.T. 3:00
B1 Konstantin Raudive 3:00
B2 Sangue Misto 3:00
B3 M. M. M. Part II 3:00
B4 Glossomaniac 3:00
B5 Bhopal Blues 3:00
B6 Worldly Rap 3:00
B7 Epi Graph 3:00
Limited edition of 200 copies. With booklet incl. some handmade artworks. Plus a bag full of words on ripped papersheets/letter fragments.