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Nuit Et Brouillard

Artist: Pacific 231 & Berlinerluft

Year: 1984
Country: France
Label: New Wave
Catalog No: New Wave NW 007
Format: Tape
A1 –Pacific 231 (2) Thule Apocalypse 23:38
B1 –Berlinerluft War 4:23
B2 –Berlinerluft Das Reich V.T. 3:28
B3 –Berlinerluft Gift Gaz 2:49
B4 –Berlinerluft Assault Of The Secret Weapon 3:33
B5 –Berlinerluft Ordre Nouveau 2:40
B6 –Berlinerluft In Town 2:48
B7 –Berlinerluft Pictures Units 5:28
Berlinerluft tracks are studio recordings of the tracks played by Berlinerluft live during the "Nuit Et Brouillard" festival (first festival of industrial music in France), Paris, october 4th 1983 (the live tape was unplayable).
Pacific 231 "Thule Apocalypse" is pre-soundtrack for Berlinerluft concert.