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Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: Netherlands
Label: VEC Audio
Catalog No: VEC Audio Exchange 12
Format: Tape
A1 –Druidscomeback Castles On The Moon  
A2 –Guy Sherman The Attack  
A3 –Guy Sherman Toy Piano Sonata  
A4 –Guy Sherman Rain Forest  
A5.1 –Vittore Baroni Mail Art Mantra  
A5.2 –Lon Spiegelman & Michael Mollett Untitled  
A6 –Ken Montgomery* Postcard  
A7 –John M. Bennett Imprové On Flute  
A8 –John M. Bennett Fishtips  
A9 –John M. Bennett Flea Collar  
A10 –It Rasch Run Silent, Run Deep  
A11.1 –Mogens Otto Nielsen Dynamic Violin  
A11.2 –Robert I. Gillham Incinerators & Hats  
A12 –Port Said Trail Of The Sphinx  
A13 –Thor Elis Pálsson Corridor  
A14 –A. de Koning* E.M.P.  
A15.1 –Diederick Van Kleef Computer Muziek Op Gitaar  
A15.2 –Dermot Mahon Lost & Confused  
A16 –M.B.* Endometrio  
A17.1 –Bria Burgess Gypsy Fantasies  
A17.2 –Enzo Minarelli Readymade Sonoro  
B1 –Andy Darlington Aural Sex  
B2 –Amok (4) Chaos Dub  
B3 –The Morandi Conspiracy Cubo Magico  
B4.1 –Ben Allen (2) One Short  
B4.2 –Limmy Scheres Song For The Mighty Knight  
B5 –Carlo Pittore & Aural Fixation Post Me  
B6 –Carlo Pittore & Aural Fixation Spaghetti  
B7 –Julien Blaine Transport Du Piano Chez Al Pavl  
B8 –Artfoot Over The Edge  
B9 –Emmett Walsh / Post Industralism What Do You Think  
B10 –Magnus v. Gudlaugsson* Stereo  
B11 –Eddy Fontaine Fontainefilm  
B12 –B Sides* Don't  
B13 –Christophe Bourseiller Radio  
B14 –Ginny Lloyd & Lon Spiegelman Untitled  
  • Compiled By [Collected], Mixed By [Uncredited] – Rod Summers
Collected Jan to April 1982.
Edition of 150 numbered copies.