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The Oblique Collection...

Artist: Various

Year: 1984
Country: United States
Catalog No: Inner-X-Musick, XXX-LP-01
Format: Vinyl Lp
A1 –Sleep Chamber Freak Accident  
A2 –Sleep Chamber Dream Distillate  
A3 –Hidious In Strength Selfwheel  
A4 –Hidious In Strength Barby  
A5 –Hidious In Strength Live Of Sussain  
A6 –Dokument Stupor  
A7 –Sleep Chamber Under The Green Sky  
B1 –Dokument Hand In Hand  
B2 –Daze Of Trance Incidence  
B3 –Hidious In Strength Nun With A Gun  
B4 –Daze Of Trance The Surgeon  
Limited to 1000 copies.
Side A: 22:00 total
Side B: 22:21 total

Each track includes a description:
A1: Actual phone conversation in which caller (unknown) insidiously provokes emotion from innocent victim listening.
A2: electronic death, how can living in another word - in another life cause breakdown and liquidation.
A3: noun, ai one main working gear in the mind, balanced motor, segment that controls thinking.
A4: in control/out control, SS, through state and government the struct control of industry. The Nazi in control.
A5: female soul, of great beauty and power - goddess of music.
A6: a dazed condition, loss of the power to feel or coordinate.
A7: lost and living elsewhere.
B1: we walk with death.
B2: the extent of effects, total range of influence.
B3: danger, holy person with a weapon, could be fanatic.
B4: the disorder to harm and mechanical devices to cause pain.