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Three Allusive Tracks From Break Through In Grey Room

Artist: William S. Burroughs

Year: 0
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: Sub Rosa, SR266
Format: Vinyl 7"
Spezification: m/m
Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies.

Track A: From early 1960's tape, WSB chanting an anti-curse.
Track B1: Excerpt, WSB performance at the ICA in London, February 28, 1963; tape courtesy of Gordon C.A. Craig.
Track B2: WSB routine recorded mid-1960's - dropping a dime on the Nova Mob; tape courtesy of the University of Kansas Libraries.
A   Curse Go Back 1:12
B1   Interview With Mr. Martin 2:59
B2   Burroughs Called The Law 1:34