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Monte Cazazza

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
An American performance artist, music and film producer, composer and journalist (b. 1953?). He gained recognition in the second half of the 1970s for organising spectacular happenings, concerts and photo sessions which were supposed to inflitrate the mainstream pop culture and expose its detrimental effect on one’s both social and personal life. His performances focused on excessive use of the imagery of ugliness, (e.g. decaying corp- ses and their intestines), pornography, fascist symbolism and genocide. He drew inspiration from Brion GYSIN, William S. BURROUGHS, FLUXUS, VIENNESE ACTIONISM and Dadaism. In 1974 he established a collaboration with Genesis P-ORRIDGE, which largely contributed to laying the philoso- phical and aesthetic foundations of industrial culture. He co-authored the legendary slogan ”Industrial Music For Industrial People” and was partly responsible for the logo and the profile of the INDUSTRIAL RECORDS label. At the turn of the 1970s he began to compose music, usually performing with FACTRIX (in 1986, CAZAZZA and two members of FACTRIX, Joseph JACOBS and Chris WARDEN, started a project called The ATOM SMASHERS). In the 1980s he was a regular member of PSYCHIC TV and SURVIVAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES. Since 1998, he and Michele HANDELMAN have been running an independent film association MMFILMS, aimed at distri- buting and financially supporting the artistic ventures of young, promising film directors. Recently he has been focused on composing soundtracks for independent films. Discography: To Mom On Mothers Day (Industrial Records 1979) 7” EP Something For Nobody (Industrial Records 1980) 7” EP Monte Cazazza Live (Industrial Records 1980) tape California Babylon (Subterranean 1982) LP Stairway To Hell (Sordide Sentimental 1982) 7” EP as The ATOM SMASHERS (collaboration with Chris WARDEN/Joseph T. JACOBS) First Strike (Pathinder Records 1986) LP