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Tryst 5

Artist: Big City Orchestra / The Haters

Year: 0
Country: United States
Catalog No: UBUIBI
Format: Tape
A –The Haters Egit Moo Hoop  
B1 –Big City Orchestra Chicken Soup With Rice  
B2 –Big City Orchestra Cattrato  
B3 –Big City Orchestra Lieder  
B4 –Big City Orchestra Ding Dong Bell  
B5 –Big City Orchestra Marvin K. Mooney  
  • Artwork – Cliff*, Craig Morton (2), GX*, Rob Wortman
  • Performer – Cliff* (tracks: B1 to B5), Pete's Kid (tracks: B1 to B5)
  • Performer, Artwork – Das (tracks: B1 to B5), Robo (5) (tracks: B1 to B5), T-Bone* (tracks: B1 to B5)
Comes with a lot of inserts like stickers, cards, flyers, film frames and, and, and...

Contributors (packaging content) to Tryst Five are:
Robo, Rob Wortman, T-Bone, Brian Miller,
Craig Morton, Cliff, Molly, GX and Das.

Pictured are a few of the inserts. The content and inserts of the packages may vary as these are packaged individually.