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Artist: Big City Orchestra

Year: 1995
Country: United States
Label: Ecto Tapes
Catalog No: Ecto 39
Format: Tape
A1 Artistlife Waltz  
A2 Rauschquinte  
A3 St. Sleeze (Instrumental)  
A4 Veemenza  
B1 Blue Danube  
B2 Turco  
B3 Paura  
B4 Zigeuner Musik  
B5 Mit Ausdruck  
B6 Impulse Carwash  
B7 Middle Class (1979)  
B8 Canarie Catgut  
  • Performer – AMK, Alan Herrick, Das, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Gustavo Pastre, Relentless (5), Rob Wortman, Robo (5), T-Bone Juju, Worm (5)
available at BCO's Bandcamp site:
with Happy Faces:

Robo, Rob Workman, Gustovo Pastre, AMK, T-Bone Juju, Alan Herrick, G.X. Jupiter-Larsen.

and the original BCO:

Worm, Relentless, Das

With Happy Thoughts:

Side A

1. Artistlife Waltz

2. Rauschquinte

3. St. Sleeze (instrumental)

4. Veemenza

Side B

1. Blue Danube

2. Turco

3. Paura

4. Zigeuner Musik

5. Mit Ausdruck

6. Impulse Carwash

7. Middle Class (1979)

8. Canarie Catgut

Ecto Tapes

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA