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Gender: Male
Country: France
Description: "A solo project of Anthony Michael KING (b. 1964), a major representa- tive of American industrial turntablism and the owner of the BANNED PRODUCTION label. He debuted in 1982 with typical noise and power elec- tronics compositions. In the second part of the 80s, KING turned to bruitist experiments based on the sounds of skipping records. For this purpose he buys cheap records, breaks them and glues the pieces back again in order to obtain unidentifiable and chaotic antimusical sounds during playback. His turntable is his only ”instrument” used for generating the acoustic matter, supplemented with electronic noises and skilfully looped electro- acoustic collages. AMK has frequently performed with other leading Ameri- can experimental electronics acts like ANAL SADIST, PBK, The HATERS, BIG CITY ORCHESTRA and BLACKHUMOUR. Discography: collaboration with PGR / AEM Flatland (Banned Production 1987) tape collaboration with NAILS OF CHRIST split with CONDOM Have Faith (Broken Flag 1987) tape collaboration with DAS Floppy Night (Banned Production 1987) tape Montage (RRRecords 1989) 10” EP as HAKTM (collaboration with Jeph JERMAN) Mlab (Big Body Parts 1989) tape