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Double Vision

Artist: Attrition & Dangerous Brothers & Stress& Megaton

Year: 1983
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Calypso Now
Format: Tape
A1 –Attrition Pain  
A2 –Attrition Day I Was Born  
A3 –Attrition Inversion (Second Part)  
A4 –The Dangerous Brothers (2) Small Love Between  
A5 –The Dangerous Brothers (2) Thus At Last  
A6 –The Dangerous Brothers (2) There Is So Much Wrong  
B1 –Stress (2) Wastelands  
B2 –Stress (2) Dark Seas Rising  
B3 –Stress (2) Second Sight  
B4 –Stress (2) Search Me  
B5 –Megaton (8) The Sailor Sails  
B6 –Megaton (8) State Harassement  
B7 –Megaton (8) One World  
B8 –Megaton (8) A Song For You  
B9 –Megaton (8) Blinding White Light  
B10 –Megaton (8) Factory Food  
B11 –Megaton (8) Wailing Fall  
Booklet is 4 photocopied sheets A4 in a printed cover, folded to A5 and stitched in the middle.
Released 1983 by Stride, 80 Lord Street, Crewe Cheshire CW2 7DL (certainly not active anymore) and licensed to Calypso Now.