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Artist: Modern Art & Cleaners From Venus

Year: 1986
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Calypso Now, COL, 108
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 –Cleaners From Venus She's Checking You Out  
A2 –Cleaners From Venus Johnny The Moondog  
A3 –Cleaners From Venus Lukewarm Lovesong  
A4 –Cleaners From Venus Sandstorm In Paradise  
A5 –Cleaners From Venus Julie Profumo  
A6 –Cleaners From Venus Be An Idiot Pop Star  
A7 –Cleaners From Venus Albion's Daughter  
A8 –Cleaners From Venus Hand Of Stone  
B1 –Modern Art (2) Dress Of Adventure  
B2 –Modern Art (2) Quest For Gold  
B3 –Modern Art (2) Beach On The Horizon  
B4 –Modern Art (2) 46 Botanical Species  
B5 –Modern Art (2) Confrontation  
B6 –Modern Art (2) Last Day Of The Sun  
B7 –Modern Art (2) She Cannot Yet Be Seen  
B8 –Modern Art (2) September  
Released under license by Calypso Now, original by Color Tapes, catalogue number Color 19.

Various cassette colors were used for this license release, and also the color of the paper for the cover varied (mostly grey as scanned or white).