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Graf Haufen Tapes

Years running:
Country: Germany
Description: This Berlin, Germany based tape label, founded by mail- and neoist artist Karsten Rodemann (aka "Graf Haufen") in 1981 ran up until 1985. Most of the early releases were all done by Graf Haufen under various aliases to fit the specific sounds and style he was experimenting with. Later other artists joined the ranks, such as Deutsch-Polnische Aggression, the first project of Matthias Roeingh (aka Dr. Motte), Die Tödliche Doris, J.A.R., Überhaupt or the fun-punk band Soilent Grün (who preceded Die Ärzte). Several local and international compilations followed. Towards the end of the label, the musical interestes shifted strongly to industrial, power-electronics and noise. To turn away from commercialism, the sublabel Schrei Records was formed to release non-profit compilations. After Graf Haufen Tapes was laid to rest, Graf Haufen founded the imprint Artcore Editions to publish magazines, art catalogues, books and the occational tape or record. Another side label during the early years was Individuale Unterentwickelte Urwaldproduktion for releases that seemed too childish and grotesque for the main label. GHT-01 was never published. It was intended to be a 10 minute cassette by Level (7), then schoolmates of Graf Haufen, but for some reason never saw the light of day. They were featured however on a later compilation. GHT-06 (Soilent Green* - Live 26.9.81) was also never properly distributed. Only a few copies were made for the band (who didn't approve), and for a few close friends and associates. The contents were however released later as Soilent Grün - In Memorandum in a limited edition.