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In Memorandum

Artist: Soilent Grün

Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Graf Haufen Tapes, GHT, 27
Format: Tape
Spezification: C70
  Live Freilichtbühne Spandau Am Juliusturm 26.09.1981
A1 Macht Alles Kaputt  
A2 Emma Piel  
A3 Mord  
A4 Liebe  
A5 Keine Zukunft  
A6 McDonalds  
A7 Ich Hasse Euch Alle  
A8 Stopf Ihn In Dich Rein  
A9 Wunderschön  
A10 FDJ Punx  
A11 Maschine  
A12 The Rivers Of Babylon  
A13 Die Grünen Hampelmänner  
A14 Popeye  
A15 Kleine Kinder Schmecken Gut  
A16 Spitz Wie Lumpi  
B1 19th Nervous Breakdown  
B2 Ich Bin So Leer  
B3 Freitod  
B4 Popeye  
B5 Untitled  
B6 Polizei-SA-SS  
  Live Im Übungsraum 1981
B7 Popeye  
B8 Liebe  
B9 Die Grünen Hampelmänner  
B10 FDJ Punx  
B11 Emma Piel  
B12 Maschine  
B13 Spitz Wie Lumpi  
  Live Im SO36 Am 30.04.1982 - 01.05.1982
B14 Polizei SA-SS  
Companies, etc.
  • Recorded At – Freilichtbühne Am Juliusturm
  • Recorded At – SO36
  • Performer – Bernd Van Huizen, Dirk Felsenheimer, Hussein Kutlucan, Jan Vetter
  • Recorded By – Graf Haufen (tracks: A1 to A16, B1 to B6), Hapunkt Fliegenstrumpf Fix* (tracks: B7 to B13), Herbert Piechot (tracks: B14), Pero (tracks: A1 to A16, B1 to B6)
This was released in a limited edition of 50 copies. It came in a generic white LP cover that was hand-sprayed in light green with the name of the band. A small address-sticker was attached to the backcover. 4 page A4 folded insert, sticker and white C-70 tape with green photocopied stickers.

A1 to A16 and B1 to B6 recorded live in Berlin 26.09.1981.
B7 to B13 recorded in their rehearsal room sometime in 1981. These recordings were first published in a limited edition of about 20 copies on the "Wald Und Wiesen Sampler" compilation tape.
B14 recorded live in Berlin 30.04.1982/01.05.1982.

Tracks A1 to A16 and B1 to B6 were originally to be released as C-45 cassette on Graf Haufen Tapes as Soilent Green* - Live 26.9.81 (GHT-06), but shelved except for a few promos and band copies.
Track A10 is an instrumental cover version of a song by Boney M..
Track B6 and B14 are cover versions of the banned song "Bullenschweine" by the german punkband Slime.