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History - the Strength Of Metal In Motion

Artist: Test Department

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: TEST ONE
Format: Tape
A1 Last Rites  
A2 Shockwork/Workshock  
A3 Prokofiev's Dream  
A4 Drum & Body  
A5 Death Of God  
A6 Gdansk  
B1 Dawn Of Humanity  
B2 Blood & Sweat (Stakjanovite)  
B4 Kindergarten  
B5 Disneyland  
B6 Feeling It All  
B7 On Pain  
B8 Chain Gang  
C60 Cassette. This release is different from the 1983 release "The Strength of Metal in Motion",
also numbered TEST ONE.

Was available by post from 8 Nettleton Rd, New X, London SE14. Released to celebrate Test Dept's first anniversary. Comprises live recordings up until 31st August 1982. Side A is indicated by '£',
Side B by '+' - hand-inscribed on blank cassette shell in both cases. Supplied in plain polyethylene bag with photocopied booklet comprising four double-sided A4 sheets folded.