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Live Outtakes

Artist: Club Moral

Year: 1986
Country: Belgium
Label: Club Moral
Catalog No: Club Moral, CM61
Format: Tape
Spezification: Ltd, Num, C90
A1 Oorlog  
A2 Nazis Night  
A3 4 Safe Walls  
A4 Le Locataire  
A5 Hunting Man  
A6 19 Keys  
A7 Ik Daag U Uit  
B1 Oorlog  
B2 Man Angst  
B3 Each Man Kills  
B4 Hail To Thee  
B5 Lies  
B6 Here Lives...  
B7 L'Age D'Or  
Limited edition of 187 numbered copies.
Various live recordings between 1983-1986.