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Artist: Architects Office

Year: 1984
Country: United States
Catalog No: Walls of Genius WOG 0012
Format: Tape
A1 I Dabble: Symphogenesis No. 2  
A2 Hymnosis  
A3 Dipstick Diplomacy  
B1 Sussbrot Und Peitsche  
B2 Sym 40: Symphogenesis No. 1  
B3 [No Title]  
B4 Faux Pas  
  • Musician – B. Orr (tracks: A1), C. Verrette (tracks: A1-A3, B2-B4), D. Lichtenberg (tracks: A1-A2, B2-B4), E. Cantor* (tracks: A1-A2, B2-B4), J. Haertling* (tracks: A1-B3), L. Ablondi (tracks: A1, B3), R. Corrigan* (tracks: A1-A2, V2-B4), T. Haertling* (tracks: A1, B2-B3)
Each tray card is hand painted.

Tracks A1, B2-B4 recorded live at the Brilling Works, Boulder CO, Dec. 4, 1983.

Track A2 recorded live at the [unreadable word] Ruins, Dec. 26, 1983.

Instrumentation: Plant Communicator, Crumar DS-2, French Horn, Mambo Bunny, Pipe Organ, Bassoon, Pro One, Roland JX-3P, Magnetic Tape, Percussion.