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Stepping Through Rooms

Artist: Gen Ken Montgomery

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: Generaions Unlimited, GK 1
Format: Tape
1 Overflow  
2 Proceed With Caution  
3 Confrontation And Contact  
4 Departure From This World  
5 A New Creature In The Mist  
6 Adding Dimensions  
7 Another Being With Tropical Circuits  
8 Merging From The Deep Sleep  
9 Searching For New Styles Of Life  
10 Converging Forces  
11 Trials In The System  
12 When The Sun Shines She Dances Like Sound Waves In The Water  
13 Emerging Possibilities  
14 Paving The Road To Ruins  
15 Missing The Sights  
16 Those Annoying Distrubances  
17 Another Trans-Dervational Search  
18 Regaining Equilibrium  
  • Performer – Gen Ken Montgomery
Recorded August 1987 at Con's studio Berlin
copyright 1987 gencon productions

Track listing is on a hand cut insert and does not specify side A and side B.

Part of "The Dramatic Electronic Series".