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Dialog And Disparity

Artist: David Prescott

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: Generations Unlimited; DP 2
Format: Tape
A Dialog & Disparity Part 1  
B Dialog & Disparity Part 2  
First issue with "Dramatic Electronic Music Series" on front insert, plus additional printed 3-fold insert.

Composed, recorded, produced by D. P. at the Metastasis Studio in Boston, summer 1988.

"This was intended as the companion piece to another, called "Still Life With Boiling Water" (as yet unreleased). The idea here is to set up new possibilities for development via dialog between self-similar parts of a piece. That is, the music is heard performed twice simultaneously and improvised, so that the "development" of this metastatic piece comes not only from changes occuring on the perifery (as opposed to more radical and internal changes), but from the interactive dynamics of the parallel performances." D.P.