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Artist: This Window

Year: 0
Country: Italy
Catalog No: Old Europa Cafe, none
Format: Tape
A1   Call Of The Wild
A2   FX1
A3   A Moment Longer
A4   (Land Of) Hope
A5   FX2
A6   A Man
A7   Ignition
A8   (Abbo / Promet) FX3
A9   Junes Frost
A10   FX4 - Slaughterhouse
A11   The Fly
B1   Snout
B2   Spiders
B3   Duck - Scratched Record - Taste
B4   I'd Even Love You
B5   Excerpts From 'The Goat' compilation
B6   Memories


All tracks recorded in 1990. 
This tape contains new material and remixes.