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Josef K. Noyce

Gender: Male
Country: Austria
 Josef K. Noyce alias Wolfgang 'Fadi' Dorninger had a simple recording-concept: He switched on all machines and instruments in his studio. On the walls he placed sheets with text and ideas. Then he pressed the record-button. He recorded all sessions on a Revox reel-to-reel machine pushing the needle into the red-zone. The day after Josef K. Noyce started to cut & edit the reel tape. No overdubs, no multitracking.

Only for the record "Josef K. Noyce sings Shakespeare" Josef K. Noyce changed his work-style and recorded the album with Atari, Sync-Box & Fostex 8-track And with this record Josef K. Noyce - a solo project - became a real band with Peter Androsch on guitar, Geza Eisserer on percussion, keyboard and as songwriter and Wolfgang Dorninger aka JKN as singer and songwriter.
Josef K. Noyce:
Die Ind (Label) and other labels as noted

1985 Split-Album/Tape Tausende Schnitte
1985 Compilation/Tape Tape Report No. 0
1985 Compilation/Tape Tape Report No. 1
1986 Album/Tape Bali-Alternative TV
1986 Compilation/Tape Tape Report No. 2
1986 Album/Tape Upbeat/Downbeat audiofile Tapes (USA)
1986 Album/Tape Josef K. Noyce Sings audiofile Tapes (USA)
1986 Compilation/Tape Fadi Sampler No.3
1987 Compilation/Tape A/aND ND/aT (USA)
1987 Compilation/Tape Objekt No. 3 Ladd-Frith (USA
1987 Compilation/Tape Notre Dame 1 EE-Tapes (B)
1987 Compilation/Tape Tape Report No. 3
1987 Compilation/Tape Fadi Sampler No.4
1988 Compilation/Tape Fadi Sampler No.5
1989 Compilation/12 Vinyl Music Of Die Ind Out Of Depression (D)
1989 12 Vinyl Josef K. Noyce Sings Shakespeare Bad Alchemy (D)
1990 Compilation/Tape Tape Report No. 5
1990 Album/tape 'Tro Noyce audiofile Tapes (USA)
1990 Compilation/Tape Gajoob Comp. Vol.1 Gajoob (USA)
1991 Compilation/Tape The Indie Network Festival EE-Tapes (B)
1991 Album/Cassette Use Power With Power