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Bali - Alternative TV

Artist: Josef K. Noyce

Year: 1986
Country: Austria
Label: Die Ind
Catalog No: Die Ind 12
Format: Tape
A1 Not Only Music 4:00
A2 Bali - Alternative TV 3:50
A3 Cloned 18 3:30
A4 Upbeat - Downbeat 3:25
A5 The Wrong Ghosts From Long Ago 7:00
B1 Introthorn 2:10
B2 Where I Go ? 1:50
B3 Chor Der Ordnungspolizei 3:55
B4 Wüste Rot - Red Dessert 4:30
B5 Babel 4:35
B6 The Pygmies Of Saint George 5:40
"In Bali old rites and modern life exist in a close contact. While celebrating a ceremony you can watch TV in another room. When life is hard to stand, people always tend to blame a 'higher' spirit for their bad situation. They pray and after celebration they look TV. That's magic!'