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Upbeat Downbeat Album

Artist: Josef K. Noyce

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: Audiofile Tapes, aT3
Format: Tape
A1 Not Only Music  
A2 Bali Alternative Tv  
A3 Upbeat - Downbeat  
A4 Trial  
A5 Hoodoo 1800, Crescent City  
A6 Analogo Bung  
A7 Tausende Schnitte Pt. 2  
A8 The Wrong Ghosts From Long Ago  
A9 60 Days To Budapest  
B1 Romeo E' Juliet  
B2 Chor Der Ordnungspolizei  
B3 Wuste Rot  
B4 Pygmies Of St. George  
B5 Tausende Schnitte Pt. 1  
B6 My Hand, My Head  
B7 European Divorce  
Recorded at the Hammerschmiedstudio Steg - 1983/1986