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Artist: Absolute Body Control

Year: 1983
Country: Belgium
Label: 3Rio Tapes
Catalog No: 3Rio Tapes
Format: Tape
A1 So Obvious / Sister Ray  
A2 Is There An Exit?  
A3 Radiation  
A4 I Wasn´t There  
A5 Dance Dance  
A6 Pictures On the Wall  
A7 Touch Your Skin  
B1 Burning Inside  
B2 So Hard  
B3 Move Up  
B4 Wait And See  
B5 Dirt  
B6 Back To Nature  
Recorded live in Belgium at De Lintfabriek, Kontich 03/19/83 (A1, A2, A3), De Sfinx, Boechout 01/13/84 (A4, A5, A6, B1), Djem, Melsele 01/22/84 (A7), Infrarood, Sint-Niklaas 09/30/84 (B2, B3), Funky Kingstone, Beveren 12/23/84 (B4, B5, B6).