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Mythical Music From the 21st Century

Artist: Hybryds

Year: 1986
Country: Belgium
Label: 3Rio Tapes
Catalog No: 3Rio Tapes
Format: Tape
Spezification: standard edition
  Morning Side
A1 The Awakening  
A2 Stampede  
A3 Maneter  
A4 666 Is Sucking Cocks In Heaven  
A5 Kill The Beast  
A6 I Don't Believe In The Beast  
A7 Aquahypno  
A8 Na He Ma  
  Evening Side
B1 Oischa  
B2 Hypno  
B3 Mindswamp  
B4 The Willing Victim  
B5 The Final Answer  
All music composed with acoustic soundsourced by members of The Hybryds. Recorded at Scotland and Belgium.

Besides the standard edition, a limited edition of 60 copies was released. The tape is packaged in a large box with various inserts (postcards, photographs, stickers, and flyers).

Rereleased on cassette by Nuit Et Brouillard in the early 1990s and as a Picture LP in 1999 on Triton.