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Media Jingles

Artist: Severed Heads

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Conventional Tapes
Format: Tape
A1 Another Riddle? 0, 1, 3, 9!  
A2 Hold You In My What  
A3 Wrong Man (Hello Bryan C'mon C'mon)  
A4 Good As God Again + Again  
A5 That's Right (Radio Personality Homosexual Shock)  
A6 Boogie On America  
A7 Commie Or Something  
A8 Parent Don't Dig It  
A9 Here It Comes  
A10 Reading A Bible In A Tree  
A11 Version Of Above  
A12 Talking To A Tree  
A13 Ladies + Gentlemen  
B1 Live Intro  
B2 Ladies + Gentlemen  
B3 Naughty Church (What A Huge Stick)  
B4 I'm Not Sure  
B5 Nude Things As Well  
B6 Go-Away And Straight Onto...  
B7 British Airways Piped Rock Music  
B8 Piano At Night  
B9 Button Lucky - A  
B10 Button Lucky - B  
B11 So  
B12 Now It's Done  
B13 Middle Of The Distortion  
B14 Laughing At Politicians  
B15 What Was On The Tape Before I Used It Again