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Many A Wonderful Picnic Has Been Ruined By

Artist: Severed Heads

Year: 1988
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Terse Tapes Terse 881
Format: Tape
A1 Saturday Night

A2        Man Dat Hip 
A3        An American In Paris 
A4        Tarzan's Grip 
A5        That That Revolves 
A6        Malt Duck (Stream Of Consciousness Mix) 
A7        Malt Duck 
A8        Never Fall In Love 
A9        Nazi Beach Party (Live ICE, 7.9.1980) 
A10      Relic Of The Empire #2 
A11      Tiny Fingers 
A12      Sydney Quads + The Megascope Space Probe 
A13      Play It Again 
A14      Carry My Books 
A15      Nightsong (Live ICE, 3.1.1981) 
A16      Car Advertisement 
B1        Adolf A Carrot 
B2        Rocket Summer (Live Stranded 9.4.1982) 
B3        Deano's Couch 
C1        Power Circles 
C2        Blame 
C3        Alaskan Polar Bear Heater 
C4        Umbrella 
C5        Lower Than The Grave 
C6        J. Edgar Hoover 
C7        C.M.I.D. (Live, Killayoni, 3.1982) 
C8        Exiles Excerpt (Live, Exiles 7.8.1981) 
D1        A Day In The Country
D2        Elephant DB (Live, Stranded, 9.7.1982) 
D3        The Monkey Is Safe 
D4        Golden Boy (Live, Trade Union Club, 24.4.1983) 
D5        Desert Song 
D6        ? (a.k.a. This Song Does Not Exist) 
D7        Dance                                                  
D8        Ad Infinitum 
A 2xC90 made available by mail order from Terse Tapes in 1988. This replaced the Clifford Darling, Please Don’t Live In The Past LP. It is estimated that around a hundred copies were produced.