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No Meat No Beat No Wank No Think Album, C60

Artist: Bleeding Arseholes

Year: 1980
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Terse Tapes, TRS010
Format: Tape
A1 Mechanical Boy  
A2 Slugs Speed #2  
A3 Ditto #3  
A4 Must Fiddle  
A5 Good King  
A6 Enjoyment  
A7 Blue Period  
A8 Submission  
A9 Life? Beside It.  
A10 Private Function  
A11 Arteriosclerosis  
A12 Music Scene  
A13 Four Songs For Athena  
A14 Coordination  
A15 Anorexia  
B1 Article Of Faith  
B2 Maniac  
B3 Fucked By Jah  
B4 Pus + Piss  
B5 Pro-found  
B6 Potatoes  
B7 Logarhythm  
B8 Why The Weather  
B9 Probably  
B10 Man At Werke  
Track 1, Side 1 and Track 3, Side 2, are deviations of songs by the Slugfuckers.

Track 11, Side 1 dedicated to Throbbing Gristle.

Track 4, Side 1: "Must" is a technical term used in winemaking to refer to the sugary solution (grape juice, ect) prepared for fermentation into wine.

The track "Four Songs For Athena" is separated into four parts
ii) Warts
iii) Bubba Ganoush
iv) Talking Catfish